Vote for Pedro

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It’s not the evening sky
It’s more the way your eyes
are laughing as they glance
Across the great divide

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Strawberry Alarm Clock | Incense And Peppermints

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Foo Fighters - Everlong


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Antonio Lucio Vivaldi : The Four Seasons - Autumn Recomposed by Max Richter

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"Mary"  cabin catboat 32 feet 6 inches over all. She was considered one of the fastest sailing yachts in 1893. She was built by Town of Staten Island, and was designed by Capt. Philip Elsworth, uncle of the owner.

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Iga Bani

Ali Farka Toure’ & Toumani Diabate

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Built For Comfort ~ Dion

if’n I had to have a theme song, this would most likely be it… ~redjeep

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